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  1. What is Astounding Dock?

    AstoundingDock is a docking application for windows. A dock is typically a bar that is set to an edge of your screen with a row of shortcut icons. The primary purpose is to give easy access to these icons to avoid desktop clutter.

    There are several docking applications for windows but there is one very important difference between them and the AstoundingDock. Most docking applications are designed with the idea that there will be 10 or less shortcuts added to it, they aren't very useful if you want to want to add much more applications to that. AstoundingDock is different, you can easily add 50 or more applications to it with no problems.

    With AstoundingDock, not only you have having to go to your desktop to find an application you can also avoid going through your StartMenu!

  2. Tabs and Applications

    The applications added to the dock are organized into tabs. You made have as many tabs as you like, this depends solely on how you wish to organise your applications.

    For example you could organize your applications in the tabs "General", "Games", "PC Health" and "Office Applications" or you could throw everything into the "General" tab. 

  3. Horizontal and Vertical Modes

    There are two display mode available to the dock, horizontal and vertical. 

    When docked to the left or right horizontal mode is used, when docked to the top or bottom vertical mode is used. 

    In horizontal mode, a list of expanded tabs are displayed vertically. When expanded the applications in that tab are displayed in rows. The horizontal width of the dock in horizontal mode is determined by the "Icon Rows" settings. 

    In vertical mode, tabs are displayed as a horizontal list of menu items. When a tab is clicked a menu pops up with all the applications. 

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  1. Adding sections

    To add a new section, right click on the dock and select the "Add New Tab" item. 

  2. Adding Applications - Drag Drop

    You can add an application to the AstoundingDock by dragging the application shortcut from your desktop into one of the tabs.

  3. Adding Applications - Choose from list

     You can add one or more applications from a list.

    Right click on the dock and select "Add Application" on the context menu, this displays a list from which you can add one or more applications to the dock.

  4. Adding Applications - Manual Add

     You add add applications by manually specficing a path.

    Right click on dock and select "Add Applications" on the context menu, ignoring the list of applications and push the "Add Manually" button.

    Normally, when adding an application you only need to set the "Title", and "Path" fields, all other fields are optional.

    See Editing Applications for more details.

  5. Editing Applications

    To edit an application, right click on it and select "Edit Dock Entry" from the context menu.


    Title: Name of the application.

    Path: Path to executable file. Click the "..." button to change.

    Arguments: Additional run arguments. This will be blank most of the time.

    Tab: Tab which contains the application. You change this here, or by dragging and dropping the application.


    You can change the icon used to represent this application in the AstoundingDock here.


    In this section you can configure the application so it can be installed or uninstalled directly from the AstoundingDock.

  6. Viewing Applications

    You can view the list of applications currently assigned to the AstoundingDock by right clicking on the AstoundingDock and selected "View Applications" from the context menu.

    There is a 'Quick Search'  field at the bottom of the window for when you've added, or think you've added an application to the dock but cannot remember what tab you've added it to.

  7. Moving applications between tabs

    There are two ways to move applications between tabs.

    The first is using drag-drop, simply drag the application from the first tab and drop the application in the second tab. You may drop the application into a open or closed tab. 

    The second is by opening the edit application window and changing the tab in the "Tabs" field. 

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  1. Settings

    Default Tab: Default tab used on any of the Add Applications screens. 

    Application Filter:  With this set to "Installed Only" then when at application is uninstalled it will no longer be displayed on dock, no need to remove it manually. If the application is reinstalled, it will be displayed again. 

    Run at startup: Allows the dock to lanch when windows boots up

    Icon Rows:  In horizontal mode the width of the AstoundingDock is determined by the number of applications which should be displayed in single row, configured here. This is setting is not used in vertical mode.

    Theme: Colour schema for the AstoundingDock.

    Monitor: If you have more then one monitor, you can decide which you want the AstoundingDock to be displayed on.

    Reserve edge of Screen: When enabled the dock 'reserves' the screen which it covers, similar to the taskbar. 

    Autohide: With this enabled, the AstoundingDock will hide itself after a period of time when the mouse is not over it. 

    Popup delay: The delay before the AstoundingDock is displayed when you move your mouse to the edge of the screen where the AstoundingDock is sitting.

    Autohide delay: The delay before the AstoundingDock is hidden when you move the mouse aware from the AstoundingDock.

    Edge of screen:  Choose which side of the screen the AstoundingDock should be attached to. 

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