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AstoundingDock is an application launcher / dock for Windows XP and upwards. Unlike most (if not all) 'docks' AstoundingDock is designed for power users. It's not designed to give easy access to your top 10 applications or whatever, it's designed to give easy access to every single application on your computer, whether that number is 50 or even 500!

Stop having to scroll through the Start Menu to find that one application or clutter your desktop with application shortcuts!

To download click here.

For a getting started guide click here.

Any questions or queries send to astoundingapplications at gmail dot com


  • Vertical Ubuntu-style menu.
  • Horizontal style dock bar.
  • Drag-n-drop interface.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Auto-hide and popup options.
  • Always on top mode.
  • Easily add steam applications.
  • Easily search and add installed applications to the dock.
  • Support for large numbers of applications. 50+!
  • Easily group applications using customizable tabs.
  • Totally free and totally awesome!

What is actually looks like

Horizontal Mode

Vertical Mode


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